The following charts provide an overview of the token allocations and release schedules across the Bonsai3 ecosystem.

We created the tokenomics with several ounces of realism. Our team doesn’t believe in high valuations at launch.

On the contrary, it’s up to the market to determine the price. That’s why our founders funded all development to date, running just one (very modestly valued) $SEED round in recent weeks. This was with 20 key marketing partners who have got us on the front foot for launch.

By spreading modest holdings across a network of partners and not giving a single free $SEED away, we’re now in a great position to growβ€Š, and you'll see only genuine investors promoting the platform.

The remaining supply has been kept for developer grants, community rewards, and expanding our partner network as we scale.

The charts below lay out the allocations and token release schedule.

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