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The place founders and investors manage and oversee all their Bonsai3 activity.

Welcome to the Bonsai3 My Profile page, the place where founders and investors manage and oversee all their Bonsai3 activity.

The My Profile page consists of several components.

Public Profile

Your Public Profile is where you build your presence within the Bonsai3 ecosystem. Badges and awards showcase your platform activity — while PFPs, banners, and personal details help others get to know a little about you and any projects you run.

My Investments

The My Investments dashboard showcases your investments, portfolio performance, and other token metrics. A vesting dashboard shows a start, cliff, and end date, alongside total allocations and a vesting chart, while allowing you to claim vested tokens.

My Tokens

If you’ve created one or more tokens, your My Tokens dashboard will list them all, showing the contract address of each one, alongside linking to a Token Management Module. You can also navigate to the Token Distribution branch from here.

Token Management Module

The Token Management module allows founders to configure a contract after deployment based on the features selected during the contract creation process. You can set variables like token tax, wallet recipients, blacklisted wallets, and min/max token transfer amounts.

My Presales

My Presales are only visible to users who have created a presale on Bonsai3. This dashboard allows you to view historical presales and navigate to the respective project pages — from where you can manage all presale settings.

As a platform that handles token creation, it will come as no surprise that we've create a token ourselves.

And it's time to cover everything that $SEED has to offer.

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