🌳What is Bonsai3?

Your no-code toolkit for everything Web3. Each tool is a branch; together, they make a Bonsai3.

Bonsai3 is on a mission to enable founders and developers to launch Web3 projects faster, cheaper, and more securely. Our no-code toolkit is set to revolutionize Web3, empowering pre, mid, and post-launch projects at every scale.

The platform consists of three core components:

  • A token creation hub enables the frictionless deployment of fungible and non-fungible tokens, with the ability to add automated buybacks and burn mechanisms using secure, pre-audited contracts.

  • A smart contract manager allows token deployers to set vesting and distribution settings, alongside introducing staking and LP staking contracts, at any stage.

  • A self-service market-making dashboard means projects can set volume goals, price targets, auto-cashout, and support/resistance levels.

Each feature is accessible through a user-friendly interface, ensuring Bonsai3 will turn the blockchain into a catalyst of innovation.

Let’s explore the v1 platform in all its branched-out glory.

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