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Launching $SEED, the path to community ownership with profit-sharing incentives

Decentralization runs through the core of Bonsai3.

Deploying a native token paves the path towards that end goal. It will ultimately enable community ownership of Bonsai3 itself.

The token (ticker: $SEED) grants holders a direct stake in Bonsai3 by giving them a pro-rata share of platform profits — and as you can see from the table below, Bonsai3 was designed to be a reliable revenue generator.

ServiceFee in USD ($)Percentage share

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The profit share is powered by token buybacks, with 66% of platform profits redirected to buying $SEED tokens.

A percentage of these tokens is redistributed across $SEED holders, ensuring a direct positive relationship between Bonsai3 and $SEED. The remaining token balance is then burned to create a deflationary dynamic.

The precise mechanic is outlined in the table below.

Beyond granting holders a share of platform profits, $SEED can be used to pay for platform services at a discounted rate. Paying for subscriptions and other premium features will also only be possible in $SEED, adding further token utility.

And one point to note: payments made in $SEED are burned or locked. As for the tokenomics, let's cover that now.

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